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The figure was a sharp increase from 1.7 billion U.S. dollars of investments a year earlier as the bank funded 23 approved projects in sectors including transport, energy and telecommunication, up from 8 projects in 2016.The bank has four big dumpsters and was set up in July in the parking lot of the park to clean up the local environment. Tourists can bring garbage they collect to exchange for Goji berries, or wolfberries, paper fans and other hand-made souvenirs.Cheng is not only a passionate lover of nature but an expert on wetlands and waterbirds, as well as the founder of the Hainan Bird-Watching Society, a bird-watching organization in south China's Hainan Province since 2015.

Yue Jing, an art teacher in Laoting County, said that schools are a fertile ground passing on the skills. Introducing local intangible cultural heritage into the syllabus is of extraordinary significance. Children can play and at the same time learn to appreciate art and see the aesthetic value of the figurines. And what's more important, they are a guarantee that this traditional craft will be inherited by the next generation."China is the largest beer market in the world, with Tsingtao beer accounting for a significant market share. But the high-quality craft beer we are producing represents the trend of future consumption," Oninda said. "In the future, we want to export more beer to China to satisfy the demands of local consumers."Becoming a qualified kindergarten teacher was once her biggest challenge. In 2016, however, China's Ministry of Education and UNICEF launched a five-year project to improve the quality of rural preschool education in the land-locked Guizhou.People visit the sand table of the Iskra Asia agro-industrial cooperation zone at the village of Iskra in Chuy valley, Kyrgyzstan, Jan. 6, 2017. (Xinhua/Roman)


"It will develop climate-resilient sewerage collection and treatment and drainage systems in 10 cities, and install the country's first solar-powered sewage treatment plant on a pilot basis," the ADB said.Once a show for the poor who could not afford fireworks, the molten iron art firework show has now become a strong tourist attraction."I think the popularity of Latin dance truly reflects the changes brought about by China's opening-up," Wang said. "I am sure that there will be more people interested to bust a move like us.""Then I learned many friends purchased partially-prepared food, so I also ordered a six-course New Year's Eve dinner combo featuring Cantonese cuisine on an e-commerce platform. The dinner includes a salt-roasted chicken and a steamed seabass." The young man plans to feast on it with his roommates."I used to work in a shoe factory, and there was a lot of work to do, and I could barely go home to take care of my child," said Wen Yuhua, an employee at the station. "Now I can both do my work and attend my child at home."

Instead of verbal language, the cards have become their only communication tools.Eyasu Abraha, Ethiopia's Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, also said during the report launching addressing vulnerability needs of citizens' through social protection programs - such as Ethiopia's Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) - is vital.

Greater aircraft range and capacity through technological developments allow airlines the flexibility to explore new business opportunities whilst maintaining focus on cost reduction.Zunum is expected to make the delivery of the hybrid-electric aircraft to JetSuite in 2022.

Meanwhile, over 200 Chinese online courses have joined international MOOC platforms, winning a reputation across the world.据介绍,为解决扬尘防治管理难点,青岛在部分建筑工地引入并建设了“扬尘智能管控平台”,该平台可利用人工智能技术和机器学习算法,通过视频数据分析工地进出车辆车体特征,实现无证“黑车”、渣土车运输封闭不严、车辆出场冲洗不净的自动分析和严格管控,同时建立数据追溯机制,实现违规事件的图像、视频及分析结果一体化记录,为管理工作提供可靠的数据支撑。


Behind the warrior was a small room with a computer, a camera and a chair. Tourists could have their picture taken, which would then be processed and projected onto the face of the sculpture.Events involving big data, cloud computing, intelligent logistics and smart homes will be held between students from China's vocational schools at this year's competition, according to a notice issued by the Ministry of Education.According to the statement, 2,427 people have died due to COVID-19 in Afghanistan since February last year.

The history of the oil-cloth umbrella in Jing County can be traced back to the Song Dynasty (960-1276), and it flourished in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.Daniel Zhang, chief executive officer of Alibaba, said Alibaba plans for Kaola to continue to operate independently under its current brand. Alibaba's General Manager of Tmall Import & Export Alvin Liu will serve as Kaola's new CEO.Among the five countries, South Africa has reported the highest COVID-19-inflicted death toll in Africa, at 47,670 as of Saturday, according to the agency.

HISTORY ON THE WALLSTAIYUAN, June 26 (Xinhua) -- Isolation, once the very thing that locked people into endless poverty, can be a source of wealth, as the story of Baodu Village in a remote mountainous area of north China's Shanxi Province, tells.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NextAverage precipitation in Ningxia is only 200 millimeters every year, and evaporation is over 1,600 millimeters. "Water is rather precious here, we keep the water dripping device as close to the seed roots as possible," Zhang said.

KUNMING, May 19 (Xinhua) -- On cliffs where lush and thick forests blot out the sky, with a knife and bag in hand, Mi Shicai walks among the bushes searching for Chinese herbal medicines.刘书财透露,下一步计划借助达摩院技术孵化一批三只松鼠的IP卡通形象,成为未来的虚拟主播,探索公司品牌营销的更多可能。Last year, Prince Albert II, head of state of the principality of Monaco visited Wu's bee farm in Huangnihe County, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, northeast China's Jilin Province.

"I earned almost 50,000 yuan (about 7,500 U.S. dollars) in 2017," Chen said. "Twice as much as I would from barley.""Many poor families were unable to afford expensive tuition fees of professional music schools," Liu said.

It said ADB's financing will be provided in three tranches between now and March 2022.Bi lives in Qingtong Village, which churns out the biggest output of sweet corns in Hengxian, home to about 100,000 corn farmers. Bi has 133 hectares of sweet corn plantation in the locality, making him one of the biggest growers there.

针对5G网络云化与AI的相辅相成,宋继强也提出需要更好地结合AI与5G,并且利用5G给出的万物互联带来的很多数据引入的机会,自动标注新场景并且获得结果,让AI的算法有能力提取出相应关联并提升自己;个体得到提升后,通过5G网络和云端大脑,能力将快速分发到其他个体。AI与5G结合之后,机器将产生自我演进的机会,对整个社会带来价值,也将催生网络本身自适应能力的要求,这是一个互促式的机会。Covering an area of 140 square meters, the Forgive Hotpot Restaurant opened in July. It has 12 employees, and among them, seven are hearing-impaired people like He.Toinzhub Cering feels passionate about protecting the species and has been doing his part to help. He is always the first person to call media and authorities each year when the rare birds come and go.

"After I graduated from high school, I returned to my hometown and became a fisherman, working with my fellow villagers by traditional methods," Sun said.Misinformation about relation between Africa and China was due to lack of verifiable public data, said Monyae.Anyone entering the railway port or the cross-border e-commerce goods inspection area is required to wear a protective suit. A professional disinfection team has been hired to implement a string of sterilization steps.There are nine imperial mausoleums, 271 subordinate tombs, a large building site and dozens of brick-and-tile kiln sites in the 58-square-km mausoleum area.The small town of Anjihai in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region boasts high-quality chilies thanks to its long daylight hours and a fine environment. To farmers like Guo, the tender, spicy fruit brings in half their annual income. So, in harvest season, people waste no time reaping the crops and drying them under the Gobi desert sun. Luckily, today they have machines to buy them time.

"Many young designers in China know the traditional culture well and can express it in unique ways," he noted. "I believe that more Chinese designs and designers will go global in the near future."BEIJING, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- Ma was travelling from Beijing to Guangzhou on a high speed train and enjoying freshly-cooked spicy fish head and stewed pork, typical cuisines of his hometown in Hunan Province."We sold out of a week's stock on the first day," she said.

Air France also entered into a joint venture partnership with Kenya Airways (KQ) in 2018.Due to barren soil, there was limited farmland for crops. Villagers grew corn and beans in the cracks between the rocks.SXSW, founded in 1987 in Austin, is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of interactive, film and music industries.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NextA customer handles business in the Chinese-built BSCA building in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, on June 11, 2018.(Xinhua/Wang Teng)

The Afghan security forces have beefed up security operations recently as Taliban militants intensified their activities across the country.In 2011, another opportunity came when Li was reviewing the growing state of his potatoes in Turkey. A Saudi Arabian company took a fancy to his potatoes when its managers were also on a business trip in Turkey. Before long 800,000 of Li's potatoes were sent to Saudi Arabia.Weighing just five kilograms, the device can run multiple routine tests, from measuring blood pressure to urine and blood analysis.

Alibaba will acquire the equity interest in Ant Financial through a Chinese domestic subsidiary.Curing cold weather-related disease during the summer is a notion promoted in TCM, and it reflects the philosophy of preventing disease over treating it, according to Wei Fuliang, a TCM professor in the Anhui hospital.

Despite the winter cold, tourists and citizens in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, queued up in front of the Pilu Temple for the free porridge.The China-initiated multilateral financial institution began operation in January 2016 with 57 founding members, with an agenda focused on supporting sustainable development through infrastructure and other productive sectors in Asia and beyond.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 NextKawasaki's publicity has also brought in online sales for Li's farm. In 2017, he launched training classes to promote the green techniques.当桂宏正急匆匆赶回老家时,看到父亲眼睛睁着,似乎在等待自己归来,嘴巴张着,似乎在念叨小孙子的名字……Inside the two-story building, Tibetan carpets were laid out on almost every inch of the floor and stairs. His wife Drasang, now in better health, went all out for the new year shopping, with all kinds of snacks, beverages, fruit and clothes.


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